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Augmented collective intelligence – Watch PICC Software in action

What is your knowledge worth if it is only for the records and barely actionable to solve problems ?

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What is your knowledge worth if it is only for the records and barely actionable to solve problems ?
How often do your knowledge workers waste time reinventing the wheel, when they could improve it based on their colleagues’ previous experiences ?
What could your quality/productivity gains be if you could instantly spread best practices throughout your organization ?

Constant Ondo, CEO of PICC Solution, explains why artificial intelligence is necessary to boost collective intelligence and turn knowledge into actionable solutions. He demonstrates the extraordinary power of PICC Software’s unique functionalities to do so.

With PICC Software, every piece of knowledge is :

  • Easily collected through texts, videos, photos, voice recordings, IoT sensors,
  • Automatically analyzed, indexed and integrated to a global knowledge pattern, made of networked problems and solutions,
  • Immediately actionable though step-by-step, customized problem-solving paths.

Discover the unique functionalities that make PICC Software the best advisor of your company :

  • Collaborative and dynamic knowledge map gathering explicit knowledge, tacit know-how and IoT/transaction data,
  • Advanced analytics to prioritize actions and spot knowledge gaps,
  • Neural network capabilities to dig into knowledge and extract new solutions to recurring problems,
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) of any piece of documentation to identify meanings behind words,
  • Automatic translation in over 50 languages,
  • Integrated augmented and virtual reality to assist workers in their problem-solving tasks,
  • Automatic detection of skills, experience and interests to spot relevant KOLs and SMEs for each problem.



Animateur : Constant ONDO, Ceo Picc Solution

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